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Statistics on people in detention in Australia

Reasons for detention

The graphs on this page show the proportion of people in detention according to the reason for their detention.

The first graph shows the numbers of people in detention over time by the reason of detention: visa cancellation for character reasons (under section 501 of the Migration Act), because they were seeking asylum by boat, or other reasons.

The second graph shows the numbers of people in each detention facility by the reason they were detained (NB: this does not include people in APODs).

Other refugees in detention

As well as people who are in detention facilities because they came by boat seeking asylum, there are also people who have come on refugee or humanitarian visas, or who have been found to be refugees or are waiting for protection visa decisions, who are now in detention. This breakdown is not included in the monthly statistics. However, an answer to a question on notice in Parliament has revealed the number of people who were in this situation as of 31 August 2020.

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