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My information was published in a ‘data breach’

2014 data breach


This factsheet is provided by Refugee Legal, a legal organisation that helps refugees in Victoria. It was published in August 2017.

This factsheet provides information regarding newly introduced Government laws allowing some people affected by the 2014 ‘data breach’ to have their claims assessed (or reassessed) under law.

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This factsheet is provided by The Humanitarian Group, a legal organisation that helps refugees in Western Australia. It was published on 26 August 2017.

A new law means that some people who were affected by the 2014 ‘data breach’ will have their protection claims assessed (or reassessed).

The Department is writing to the 86 people who are affected by this new law. Some people have already received protection visa refusal decisions. Critically, people who have previously made an application for a protection visa (which was then refused) will only have7 working days in which to lodge a new application. It is essential that anyone who may be affected by this change:

  • ensures their contact details are up-to-date with the Department; AND
  • seeks urgent legal assistance.

This fact sheet has more information about the change and what you should do if you were affected by the data breach.

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