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Rental advice

Every state and territory in Australia, other than the Northern Territory, has said that you will not be able to be evicted from your rental property for six months. However, the Northern Territory States are also offering help for renters if they are finding it difficult to pay rent because of COVID-19. If you need help, ask your landlord if you can get some help with your rent. The rules are different for each state or territory.

You can read the rules for your state or territory here:


This resource is provided by NSW Fair Trading.

This page provides information from the NSW government about renting during the coronavirus.

This resource is provided by Tenants Union NSW.

This page covers common questions about renting and Coronavirus COVID-19 in NSW.


This resource is provided by Victorian Government.

This page explains how coronavirus has affected the rights of renters and landlords, and also businesses and those providing services.

This resource is provided by Justice Connect.

If you’re a private renter in Victoria, this resource can help you understand your rights during COVID-19.


This resource is provided by the Queensland Government.

This gives you information to help you work through Queensland residential tenancies matters during the COVID-19 response.

This resource is provided by Tenants Queensland.

This lists factsheets for people renting in Queensland about how COVID-19 affects their rent.

South Australia

This resource is provided by SA Government.

This page lists some of the common situations arising from the COVID-19 crisis and advice for landlords and tenants in South Australia.

This resource is provided by South Australian Tenants’ Information and Advisory Service (TIAS).

This page has a list of frequently asked questions for tenants in South Australia.

Western Australia

This resource is provided by Western Australian Government.

The frequently asked questions below address residential tenancy issues and how they are covered by legislation in WA.


This resource is provided by Tasmanian Government.

This information is to help people understand the changes to residential tenancies in Tasmania during the COVID-19 crisis.

This resource is provided by Tenants’ Union of Tasmania.

Find some of the frequently asked questions about the changes to renting in Tasmania with the COVID-19 crisis.

Northern Territory

This resource is provided by Northern Territory Government.

This page will be updated once the Northern Territory has decided how to deal with people facing difficulties paying rent during the COVID-19 crisis.

This factsheet is published by Darwin Community Legal Service.

This page provides information on coronavirus and its effects on rental laws in the Northern Territory. It also includes a template letter to ask for a rent reduction.

Australian Capital Territory

This factsheet is published by ACT Government.

This factsheet explains how the ACT Government is helping private renters during the COVID-19 crisis.

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