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COVID-19 Information for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

Health advice

What you need to know about coronavirus

This resource is provided by Australian Government.

This website provides official health advice about COVID-19 information in your language. Select your language to translate the information on this page.

This resource is provided by Australian Government Department of Health.

This gives you resources about COVID-19 in other languages. The resources include fact sheets, guidelines and other publications.

This poster is published by Red Cross Australia. It is available in several languages.
This poster can be used to help your community understand how to reduce the risk of coronavirus.
This easy english factsheet is published by Access Easy English.

This resource provides easy English information about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Understand Coronavirus

This resource is provided by SBS On Demand.

These videos explain coronavirus in your own language.

This resource is provided by SBS Your Language.

This page has lots of information about COVID-19 in 63 different languages.

Get Help

This resource is provided by HealthDirect.

Answer these questions to check whether you have coronavirus (COVID-19).

This resource is provided by Healthdirect Australia.

You can find your nearest health service using this tool.

Do I have to pay if I need to go to hospital?

You do not need to pay to go to hospital (or for the ambulance) if you go because they think you have COVID-19, even if you do not have Medicare or health insurance. This applies to anyone from overseas.

You can see this information on the websites of each state or territory:

In the ACT, as well as some other states and territories, people seeking asylum who do not have Medicare can already go to hospital and get free care.

Mental Health Advice

This resource is provided by Head to Health.

This gives mental health information relating to the coronavirus outbreak.

Information about health in Australia

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