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Information about citizenship

Preparing to become a citizen


Before you become a citizen, most people will need to learn about Australia. You can listen to or watch these resources to help learn more about Australia.

Most people will need to take a test before becoming a citizen. However, there are some people who do not need to take the test, such as people who are 16-17 years old, or 60 years or over, or people who were stateless when they were born in Australia and do not have another citizenship, or people who have significant problems with hearing, speaking or seeing.

Read the rules about who needs to sit the citizenship test

The Australian Government has a booklet for preparing for the citizenship test that you can read in many languages. It is called ‘Our Common Bond’. You should read this before taking the test.

Our Common Bond: Preparing for Australian citizenship

There is also a podcast of ‘Our Common Bond’ you can listen to.

Our Common Bond video

These resources are provided by Refugee and Immigration Legal Service, a legal organisation that helps refugees in Queensland.

These songs and videos can help you prepare for the citizenship test:

  1. ‘Making Law’ – Law and Government (audio)
  2. ‘Making Law’ – Law and Government (music video)
  3. ‘Citizen’ – Citizen Rights (audio)
  4. ‘Stand together’ – National symbols and values (audio)
  5. ‘All together’ – History of Australian Law (audio)
  6. All together’ – History of Australian Law (music video)

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