Refugee Council of Australia

Young adult

This is for young adult books.

May Tang

The Australian government and the Tiananmen square incident in 1989 are looked at through a decision-making lens that a family must make when confronted with the incident.

Boy 87

Shif is just an ordinary schoolboy who loves chess and playing with his best friend. But, one day, he is forced to leave home to avoid conscription into the army.

Jumping to Heaven

Children from Bosnia, Cambodia, El Salvador, Herzegovina, Iraq, Sudan, and Vietnam who have come to Australia to escape persecution are given a voice in this collection of short stories compiled from interviews with...

Boy Overboard

Morris Gleitzman writes of Jamal, who just wants to play football, but with a sister defying Taliban curfews and parents running an illegal school, his problems escalate until the whole family must flee Afghanistan in...

Christophe’s Story

This book tells the story of eight-year old Christophe who flees the fighting in Rwanda to come to England as a refugee with his family.

Refugee Boy

A novel for young adults about Alem, who is left in London by his family who fear for his safety in Ethiopia.