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Learn more about refugees in the world and in Australia.


Stateless people are not considered nationals by any country. This page explains who they are, how many they are, the impacts of being stateless, and how international law deals with statelessness.

How the US resettles refugees

People on Nauru and Manus Island are starting to be resettled in the US. How does their resettlement program work? What support do they get, and can they reunite with families?

Daniel’s story

Daniel was a teacher at a university in Ethiopia. He is now a permanent resident in Australia but his wife and children are still in Ethiopia.

Karim’s story

I grew up in Afghanistan, where my people, the Hazara, have been persecuted for hundreds of years. As a child, my school was burnt down and no Hazara were allowed to get an education. We were very poor due to the...