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Books about refugees in Australia

Refugee Tales: Vol III

In Refugee Tales III we read the stories of people who have been through the process of seeking asylum, many of whom have yet to see their cases resolved and who live in fear that at any moment they might be detained...

The Ungrateful Refugee

Aged eight, Dina Nayeri fled Iran along with her mother and brother, and lived in the crumbling shell of an Italian hotel-turned-refugee camp. Eventually she was granted asylum in America.

Books for children

Children reading book with lots of images coming out of it

Christophe’s Story

This book tells the story of eight-year old Christophe who flees the fighting in Rwanda to come to England as a refugee with his family.

Boy Overboard

Morris Gleitzman writes of Jamal, who just wants to play football, but with a sister defying Taliban curfews and parents running an illegal school, his problems escalate until the whole family must flee Afghanistan in...

Refugee Boy

A novel for young adults about Alem, who is left in London by his family who fear for his safety in Ethiopia.

Books about refugees in the world

Child Soldier

This is a powerful true story of Keitetsi, a child soldier who joined the Ugandan National Resistance Army at just eight years old.

The Boat People

When a rusty cargo ship carrying Mahindan and five hundred fellow refugees from Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war reaches Vancouver’s shores, the young father thinks he and his six-year-old son can finally start a new life.