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Barriers to education for people seeking asylum and refugees on temporary visas

Refugees on SHEVs

Specific implications for refugees on SHEVs

These barriers to further education have particularly significant implications for refugees on SHEVs. In order to become eligible to apply for permanent residency, SHEV holders must either work without receiving income support or be enrolled in full-time study for 42 months.
However, the second option is not practically available to most people on SHEVs without concession rates, CSP and higher education loans. Further, if SHEV holders cannot undertake study for more than 12 months without losing income support, it will be far more challenging for them to meet the study requirement.

Thus, while study offers a potential pathway to permanent residency to people on SHEVs, in reality this requirement is virtually impossible for the vast majority of SHEV holders to meet. Furthermore, limited access to tertiary education may reduce the employment opportunities available to SHEV holders, further compounding the difficulties they will face in meeting the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent residency.

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