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Statistics on people seeking asylum in the community

Who are they? Where do they come from?

Since 2016-2017, the number of applications by people coming by plane has been driven largely by people coming from Malaysia and China. However, the numbers applying from India and Vietnam have also increased.

The number of asylum claims reflects, in part, which citizens can enter Australia on valid visas. For example, there are large numbers of Malaysians and Chinese international students, and many skilled migrants from India.

The top 10 nationalities of those who seek asylum by plane are quite different from those who come by boat, with many more from our surrounding Asia-Pacific neighbours. In the past five years, the main nationalities seeking asylum by plane include those from China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and Vietnam.

The below graph shows the top 10 countries of citizenship for permanent protection visa applicants since 7 September 2013.

The graph below shows the total number of applications made by country of origin since monthly reporting began in November 2019.

Age and gender

The monthly reports now break down the number of applications by age and gender, including the numbers granted and refused protection. The highest number of applications are made by people between the age of 25-34, with the bulk of applications coming from those between 15-55. More applications are made by men than women, across all age groups.

The graph below shows the total lodgments since November 2019 by age group and gender.

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