Can someone from the Refugee Council speak at my event?

As the Refugee Council of Australia has a small staff, we prioritise events which:

  • are organised by a member of the Refugee Council or for members of the Refugee Council
  • relate to areas where the Refugee Council is actively campaigning or working
  • will have significant public profile or publicity, or
  • involve fundraising for, or donations to, the Refugee Council of Australia.

As our staff are based in Sydney and Melbourne, we will have limited capacity to attend events in other cities unless expenses can be covered or they coincide with other events (such as our annual consultations) when we are in your area.

Please email us at admin@refugeecouncil.org.au with your event details including: date and time, venue, audience, and if this event falls within one of our priorities listed above.

Can the Refugee Council partner with us in a research project?

Do you offer grants, funding or other financial support to organisations or individuals?

Unfortunately, we do not generally have the money to help other organisations or to fund individuals, as we are a small organisation with limited resources.

We do run one small grant every year for people from a refugee background to go to Geneva with us to talk to UNHCR (the John Gibson Grant). This has now closed for 2017 and will reopen in late 2018.

Can you put me in touch with refugees or people seeking asylum for an interview, project or event?

RCOA unfortunately cannot put you in touch with refugees or asylum seekers. We suggest that you contact an ethnic community organisation, or an organisation working directly with refugees or asylum seekers. You can find links to these organisations on our services directory.

Who should I contact to complain about misleading or inaccurate media coverage?

To make a complaint about misleading or false media coverage, contact the Australian Press Council.