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What are the challenges facing displaced people in the Asia-Pacific region? For many displaced people, Asian countries may give them safety but often fail to give them dignified lives where they can work and live legally.

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Raising Concerns About Asia With UNHCR

Raising concerns about Asia with UNHCR

As part of its work, the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) hears from refugee communities in Australia about the issues affecting their communities overseas. On 20 June 2016, we asked UNHCR's Asia Bureau about some of these issues as part of their consultations with NGOs in Geneva.
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Cambodia Resettlement Deal Raises Concerns Over Safety Of Refugees

Cambodia resettlement deal raises concerns over safety of refugees

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) has raised serious concerns about the safety of any refugees Australia sends to Cambodia under a resettlement deal being considered. RCOA chief executive officer Paul Power said any deal by Australia to send recognised refugees from Nauru to Cambodia would ignore significant human rights concerns in a country that has a history of forcibly returning refugees to persecution.
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