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Each year since 1984, successive Australian Governments have invited the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) to provide advice on issues for the Government to consider in planning the coming year’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program. Over the years, we have broadened the process of community consultation we conduct to inform our annual submission to the Government, with interested agencies and individuals invited to attend consultation gatherings held around Australia between October and December each year.

2012-13 Intake Submission

The 2012-13 submission focused on international refugee needs, regional co-operation in Asia-Pacific, the composition of Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program and factors in post-arrival settlement support.

Due to the large number of consultations held and the volume of feedback received, RCOA compiled two supplementary documents focusing on asylum policy and post-arrival settlement support. RCOA also produced a compilation of national and global statistics on refugees and asylum seekers.

To demonstrate how we have acted on the information shared with us during the 2012-13 community consultations, RCOA produced a summary of the papers, letters and advocacy we have been involved in since completing the submission in January 2012. The summary can be downloaded here.