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General information

In Australia, you can only get legal advice for your refugee claim from a person who is registered as a ‘migration agent’. You can check to see if someone helping you is registered as a migration agent on the Migration Registration Agents Authority’s website.

Not all migration agents work with asylum seekers and refugees. To find migration agents who work in these areas, you can go to the Migration Institute of Australia’s website and choose ‘Refugee and Humanitarian’.

There are some places in Australia which offer free legal advice to asylum seekers and refugees, but they cannot help all asylum seekers. We have listed some of these below.

Please call only one at a time – this will mean they can help more people.

For more information on the kinds of help they provide and who can use their services, please check their website or contact them directly.

Use the scroll bars on the right and the bottom to get more information. You can also limit, sort, download and view a record of a single organisation.

We are checking the information we have about organisations that provide services. If you would like your organisation to be included on this list, please send us this form. If your organisation’s information needs to be changed, please send us this form. We will confirm this information with you before publishing it on our website.

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