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What's happening to refugees and
people seeking asylum in Australia

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Refugee Council to PM: You’ve made your point about boats, now end the suffering

  Refugee Council of Australia CEO Paul Power has today asked Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to end the offshore detention regime now that the government has “made its point about boat arrivals clearly to the world”. In a letter…

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Less than one third of refugees in Australia’s humanitarian program are resettled from UNHCR

New documents obtained by the Refugee Council of Australia through freedom of information (FOI) show that only one third of people in Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program are referred by UNHCR. This increasing trend towards selecting refugees based on community links…

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Australia’s response to a world in crisis

It has been a dramatic year for refugees in Australia and in the world. Hear the voices and views of hundreds of individuals and organisations from across Australia: people from refugee backgrounds, people seeking asylum and the many brave and committed communities and organisations supporting them.


Stat Symbols (Working File) copy-01

Total number of
displaced persons
(21.3 million Refugees)

Stat Symbols (Working File) copy-02

Number of refugees
resettled or recognised
in Australia

Stat Symbols (Working File) copy-03

Proportion of world’s
refugees protected
by Australia in 2015

Stat Symbols (Working File) copy-04

Country hosting the
most refugees: Turkey


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