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Australia’s Response to
a World in Crisis

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Syrian children in school

Face 2 Face School Program

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Australia’s Offshore Processing Regime

Download PDF here. What is offshore processing? Offshore processing (referred to by the Australian Government as “regional processing”) is the term used to describe the arrangements by which Australia sends people seeking asylum who arrive by boat to either…

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Michael Gawenda


former editor of The Age and former refugee from Poland
Michael Gawenda is one of Australia’s best known and most distinguished journalists. His story begins in Lodz, Poland, where his mother and father worked in the city’s thriving textile industry. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, his parents, who were both Jewish, were forced to flee to Siberia with their two daughters. It was not until the war ended in 1945 that they were able to return to their home, hoping to be reunited with the families they had left behind. They were devastated to discover that few of their family members had survived.



Australia’s response to a world in crisis

It has been a dramatic year for refugees in Australia and in the world. Hear the voices and views of hundreds of individuals and organisations from across Australia: people from refugee backgrounds, people seeking asylum and the many brave and committed communities and organisations supporting them.


Stat Symbols (Working File) copy-01

Total number of
displaced persons
(21.3 million Refugees)

Stat Symbols (Working File) copy-02

Number of refugees
resettled or recognised
in Australia

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Proportion of world’s
refugees protected
by Australia in 2015

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Country hosting the
most refugees: Turkey


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